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  • Can My pottery go in the Dishwasher, Microwave, or the Oven?"
    YES !! All 3! My pottery is made from a high quality stoneware and has been thouroughly tested and does great in all 3!
  • Is this pottery Lead Free?
    Yes! I make all of my glazes and know everything that goes into them!
  • Is it safe to eat from?
  • What if it breaks?
    I cannot gaurantee it wont break but it is a very tough durable stoneware that does NOT chip as easily as most china or other clays. If it breaks in shipping It will get replaced! I do not recommend Gluing a functional piece but a wall hanging or garden quote could be glued with E6000 Glue found in the walmart craft section
  • How do you Ship?
    I usually ship USPS flat rate boxes but if the piece is to big it will get shipped priority Mail. Usually arriving 2-4 days


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