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My name is Bridgette Kinney, I have been making pottery since 2000. I make all of the pottery by hand out of white or  brown stoneware. All is either hand thrown or slab rolled by me. Each Piece is handled 12 times by me! 

Everything is Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven Safe too!

I have been teaching Adult Ed Classes Since 2008 .

I have been a part-time potter until the last few years. When my Daughter was born in 2015 we decided I would stay home with her and make pottery full time. I still teach my classes and in the summer I teach girls at Alford Lake Camp in Hope, ME.  I still love making pottery and every piece is still made by me and made with love.

With every purchase you are supporting my dream, Thank you!

Bridgette Kinney

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